Modern style long size reception counter unique design

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Modern style long size reception counter unique design

As the representative of the company, the reception desk directly determines the visitors’ first impression of the company. There are many standards for the suitability of the reception desk, including design style, color, material, size and so on. It is not easy to choose a reception desk suitable for your company. This article introduces a long size reception counter design to you. And some details of the height and the size of the reception desk, hope to help you choose the reception desk.



This is a long size reception desk with a length of about 5m. And the width is 800mm and the height is 1m so the size of the reception desk is 5000 x 800 x 1000 mm. For the material of the reception counter, we have two choices. One is plywood with laminate ( wooden color laminate, white color laminate and blue color laminate ). Another is MDF with baking paint and wooden color we can use veneer.



Contact us – Please feel free to contact us and tell us your favorite design. You can check on our website for some designs or we can send more to you.

Discuss the details – We can discuss the details together include the size, color, style and material.

Start a 3d design – Usually the first step we need to make a customize 3d design. Because a new 3d design is really important for us to see the whole effect. Each customer has their own requirement so we will fit them and make a new 3D design for the customer.

Packing – This reception counter is a little long so we may need to make it in 2 parts. And pack it foam inside and a wooden box outside.

Shipping – We will arrange the shipping for you by sea to the port.


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