Individual Jewelry Stand Black Glass Display Case in Jewelry Store

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Individual Jewelry Stand Black Glass Display Case in Jewelry Store

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Individual display cases are popular in jewelry stores, museums, exhibitions, and even shopping malls. If you are purchasing a jewelry display stand for your shop, don’t miss this jewelry case. Today, I want to share a nice jewelry store display sharing with you.

Description of the jewelry display case

Size: This jewelry case’s total size is 600mm wide and 600mm depth, the height is 1500mm. It includes two parts, the glass display showcase size is 400mm in height, drawer height is 300m. While the base height is 800mm. We can customize jewelry cases based on your requirement.

Color: The jewelry case use black as the main color. That high level the jewelry can matches the shop theme. You can choose any other colors to decorate your jewelry cases.

jewelry display caseLocation: This jewelry stand is good to place near the sales window for the main display. You can also set it close to the wall with other cabinets. It’s also a good idea to place them next to the cashier.

Materials: We use black metal to build the body of the jewelry showcase. The bottom also has metal base support. While the top showcase uses 8mm tempered glass with spotlights. It has a white fleece interior, that can better show jewelry and can also protect them well.

Details information

The client chose a spotlight with 2 lamps, that can highlight products and people will notice the products. It has pull-out plate drawers, which are convenient to place products and take them out. Under the glass, the display has storage drawers with locks. So that people can’t reach the products without permission.

Produce photos show

This jewelry display case is of good quality with a unique design. We will update the production process when making your jewelry display case.

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