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About three or five friends, set up a tent on the empty lawn, spread a table of exquisite food, and sit on a leisure chair to chat… Nowadays, outdoor camping has become young people favorite relax activity. The camping wind has also brought sales of outdoor travel-related products, making the outdoor economy a “new wind outlet” for consumption. When it comes to camping outdoors, people often think of an intimate, relaxing experience with nature.

Camping property industry in Europe and the United States is very popular, and the development of more mature, in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Poland, many places have campsites. Camping sites providing services in Europe and the United States have developed into a tourism and leisure industry, forming a complete operating system. These campsites provide a variety of accommodation facilities such as tents, motorhomes, wooden houses, they also arrange a variety of experience activities for tourists.


Early American camping.

In 1855, a Southern officer named Henry Hopkins Sibley designed a bell-shaped tent on the basis of the Native Indian teepee, with the tent pole set in the middle and the canvas as the external shelter, which was more detailed and larger than before.

In addition, as early as 1830, the United States founded the first outdoor brand Woolrich, and served as a supplier of military blankets for the Union Army from 1861 to 1865. It can be seen that the early outdoor prototype of the United States was mainly established by survival or military bases.

Modern camping in America

After the First World War, people found that tents could be used with little cost, more convenient to go to various places, enjoy the outdoor scenery, so the camping holiday boom began. In 1959, with the economic prosperity of the United States after World War II, people began to pursue leisure life and went outdoors. At that time, the tent was undoubtedly a best-selling single product, but also represents the gradual penetration of camping culture.

Today, camping is a happy and relax life, it has been integrated into the daily routine of every household in the United States, it form a healthy and active lifestyle. Camping supplies have also evolved from common styles to lightweight, portable fashion items that can be easily used at home or outdoors.

It is worth mentioning that the age of participation in camping in the United States is decreasing, and the form of camping has expanded from a single camping to family camping, self-driving camping, etc., so that all kinds of people can join the outdoor field and feel the beauty of the outdoors.

With the development of camping activities, people have come to realize that camping in natural environment can temper people’s will, it make people more intelligent, and more able to establish close relationships with family, friends and colleagues. In addition to leisure, entertainment, experiencing nature, and exercising the body and mind, camp organizers find that learning is faster and more effective through hands-on experience.

However, beyond these obvious benefits, outdoor camping also has great business potential. In this article, I will tell you the outdoor camping as a potential business area and show some entrepreneurial opportunities that can take advantage of this trend.

Entrepreneurial opportunities

leisure activity

First of all, with the acceleration of urban life and people’s pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, outdoor camping has become a popular leisure activity. This provides a vast market for entrepreneurs to develop a wide variety of outdoor equipment, facilities and services. For example, high quality tents, sleeping bags and picnic gear can be provided to meet the campers’ needs for comfort and convenience. In addition, opening campgrounds and outdoor activity places is also a promising entrepreneurial option. It can give people a safe and fun camping experience.

Education and training opportunities

Second, camping outdoors is a relax activity, it can also be an opportunity for education and training. Many people want to learn new skills and knowledge by camping outdoors, such as outdoor survival skills, navigation, and teamwork. Therefore, starting an outdoor education school or organizing outdoor training activities is also a promising business option. This type of business can provide professional coaches and mentors to help people master a variety of survival and adventure skills in an outdoor environment.


Social media

What’s more, with the rise of social media, camping outdoors has become young people favorite social activity . People would like to spend lots of time with friends and family. they can  share their camping experiences with their friends. Therefore, social media and apps related to outdoor camping are also a big business opportunity. Entrepreneurs can develop the social media to communicate with people who like outdoor camping, and they offer them the opportunity to share photos, experiences and advice.

All in all, outdoor camping is an filed full of business opportunities. entrepreneurs providing high-quality equipment and services, starting outdoor education schools, and organizing social media platforms, they can obtain great business success. If you want successful entrepreneurship requires a full understanding of the target market and customer needs, and offering unique and attractive products and services.

Based on what I have mentioned above, do you want to open an outdoor kiosk to start your business? I hope these ideas will effect you to start your own business, And these suggestions help you succeed in the field of outdoor camping.

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