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In this era of awakening health, outdoor sports are no longer the “noble sports” of the bosses, it has been integrated into our lives, more and more people join them, a fashionable way of sports is slowly taking shape. Outdoor sports as one of the most popular sports, how much do you know about outdoor sports?

01.What is outdoor sports?

Outdoor sports originated from the early exploration and scientific investigation activities in Europe and the United States, and now outdoor sports are out of homes and cities, towards nature, and engaged in challenging and recreational activities under the premise of norms and safety.

In a narrow sense, outdoor sports are a kind of sports with the nature of adventure and challenge, including hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing, skiing, camping, cycling, trail running and other forms of sports. But the outdoors itself has never been a fun sport. You may have to spend a lot of time, carrying a bag, deep into the unpopulated mountains or no man’s land, you may get sore muscles, weak legs, feet blistered, and even hurt yourself.

So why do so many people choose to exercise outdoors?


02.Some people are exercising, for health

Some people say that exercise is the best doctor, insist on exercise, can make your body from the inside out to feel the beneficial changes brought by insist on exercise.

1.Strengthen the human bone

Outdoor exercise can weight train the bones and allow the body to absorb more calcium, which helps prevent osteoporosis and reduce the risk of hip fractures. At the same time, it can exercise the back muscles, which can consolidate the spine, slow down the aging process of the bones, and improve the hematopoietic function of the bone marrow.

2.Improve the nervous system

Often participate in outdoor sports, can improve the function of the central nervous system, make people energetic, brain thinking clearer, flexible, improve learning and work efficiency. It can also improve the blood supply to the brain, relieve the fatigue and mental tension of the nervous system, and improve the quality of sleep.

3.Prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Regular outdoor exercise can remove cholesterol deposited on blood vessel walls, enhance blood vessel elasticity, and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular diseases. It can also increase the caliber of the heart vessels, increase the coronary blood flow, improve the blood flow distribution of the heart muscle, and make the heart stronger.

4.Improve immunity

Regular participation in outdoor exercise can improve the body’s immunity, reduce colds and diseases such as tonsillitis, pharyngitis, tracheitis, pneumonia secondary to colds, as well as emphysema and pulmonary heart disease caused by bronchitis.

5.Lose weight and get fit

Some suitable intensity outdoor exercise, sufficient oxygen supply, longer duration, the total energy consumption is more, so it has a unique weight loss effect. Regularly adhering to these exercises can help the muscles and tendons of the whole body to exercise, develop a flat abdomen, symmetrical calves and firm buttocks, and maintain the body’s physical beauty.


03.Some people pay attention to the spiritual enjoyment

When you adhere to outdoor exercise for a period of time, people’s physical conditions and living habits will change. But these changes are only physical, so that many people really fall in love with outdoor sports, in addition to the improvement of physical condition, more is the spiritual enjoyment.

1.Let you forget the pressure, empty the mind

In the outdoors, you can go to the most beautiful places in the world, beaches, deserts, forests, jungles and mountains, away from the busy city, no annoying work, no noisy horns, there is only the clear and pleasant sound of water and empty pristine scenery. Along the way, you will meet a lot of people: different regions, different countries, different nationalities, different beliefs of the elderly, children, young people, you can share with them each other’s life experience. Although the body and mind are a little tired, but you can freely release the pressure of daily life and work, empty your mind.

2.Make you love life more

When we cross thousands of mountains and rivers, taste the taste of food, through the red wine, try to lose sleep at night, feel the sound of the fall of the time, finally, we return to the original starting point, began to live carefully, then we will know more about the beauty of life than before. Or, in the outdoor journey, the sky and the sky, the eyes, or the vast yellow sand, or the towering snow mountains, the moment of a moment, you may have an Epiphany, in fact, life can be very pure, the years can be very beautiful. Can not help feeling, alive is proud.

3.Rediscover yourself

In the outdoors, one’s mind is in a state that is neither completely wandering nor completely concentrated, very close to the state of the mind during meditation. Therefore, outdoor sports is not only the process of sightseeing, but also the opportunity to re-understand themselves.

You never know how much energy you have in your little body, and you never know how powerful your mind and body can be. Through outdoor exercise, you will find that you can do a lot of things, it turns out that you can do better. Perhaps it is only in pure nature that the inner voice is amplified and we can see our true selves!

In any case, playing sports outdoors is a very wonderful feeling. When you go outdoors in a bad mood, you can leave all your worries behind, when you are in a good mood, you can ride the wind, with happiness, to embrace the mountains. Therefore, the weather is getting warmer, have time to go outdoors, measure your life with your feet, so that the body and mind are in the outdoor world to benefit.

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