Outdoor kiosk Street eyebrow threading kiosk to Liverpool

Eyebrow threading kiosk becomes very popular nowadays. Many people plan to open their own business and earn money. As it’s easy to start and get a refund soon, today, I want to show a hot sale eyebrow threading kiosk with you. Hope it will give you more ideas.

Story to get the eyebrow threading kiosk

One day, our customers asked us if we can draw a unique kiosk for her. I tell her that we can make the same kiosk as her idea. She was very happy and shared all his requirements with us. Therefore, we knew that her space is 4m by 3m, the favorite color is red and white. The inside room has 3 working tables and waiting for a sofa, etc. Agreed with the 300usd design deposit, we started 3D design immediately. 3 days later, we send the design drawing for confirmation. The owner loves it very much once views the eyebrow kiosk design. However, he wants it better, so we modify it to the final drawing.

I guess you know how to get the unique eyebrow threading kiosk from the story. The first step is to tell us your requirements. It’s better to send us a floor plan to discuss better and save time. The second step is to make a 3D model according to our discussion. Please send us ideal designs if you don’t have an idea, my designer will come up with new ideas. Finally, check the design drawing and confirm it as the final design. Now, let’s learn more about eyebrow threading kiosks.

Description of the eyebrow kiosk

The entrance door set the side, a menu board closed to it. People know the price and service when passing by. Brand logo on the top 4 sides, consumers can find you from all directions. Lightbox painting also put outside for advertising and tell the public the new service and products you have. The black hollow pattern decoration also adds color to the cabinet. You can also add new decoration ideas to the kiosk.

street eyelash kiosk outdoor eyebrow kiosk

For most of the eyebrow threading shop, it includes an eyebrow station with a mirror, wall display stand, checkout counter, waiting for a sofa, etc. The reception desk set close to the door, which saves space and can view customers from the window. Do you like the curved display shelves with drawers? Behind the wall has a large glass window, which broadens the horizons of customers and makes your shop looks bigger.

eyebrow houseeyebrow kiosk booth

More information:

  • Item name: Street eyebrow threading kiosk
  • Color: Red and white
  • Style: Modern and unique
  • Function: Provide eyebrow threading service, eyelash service, and display products
  • Advantage: Anti-wind, rainproof, fireproof, moisture-proof, anti-exposure, stable, and very safty
  • Main material: Plywood, metal frame, MDF
  • Surface material: Red aluminum composite panel, white aluminum composite panel, high glossy painting paint, etc.
  • LOGO: 3D luminous LOGO, acrylic LOGO or stainless steel LOGO
  • Other materials: Lightbox painting, hardware, mirror, light lamp, rainproof roof, floor, etc.
  • Design time: 2-3 business days
  • Production time: 30-35 working days
  • Payment terms: 50% deposit before production and 50% balance before shipping.


—-How much is this outdoor kiosk?

—-It costs about 13800usd, depends on the final design

—-Does it including shipping and assembly?

—-It’s EXW price not including shipping. The unique kiosk has been completed in our factory and will take a photo for you to confirm.

—-How do I receive the goods? Do you have branches in Australia?

—-The eyebrow threading kiosk can be sent from China to the destination port, or DDU can be delivered to the door. depends on you. Now, we have no branch in the UK, but we ship goods to the UK every month.

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