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Eyebrows are people’s second pair of eyes, having slender and neat eyebrows is the pursuit of every lady.  When you walk in the mall, eyebrow kiosks are everywhere, it can be seen how popular it is, so how to customize an ideal eyebrow kiosk?we are a professional kiosk manufacturer. If you would like to start any salon business, please contact us here,we will provide you with professional advice and 3D design.


We can see this eyebrow threading kiosk. the main tone is red. match some white and black. the inside has four eyebrow threading stations and chairs. a small Ceramic sink with a storage cabinet. and a bench for the client waiting area,Next to it was a small cash register.do you like this layout? It makes good use of the whole space. it’s very comfortable.

For the whole kiosk, the basic material is MDF, the surface is red and white baking paint finished. each eyebrow station with a mirror and led light. the bottom is stainless steel, at the whole kiosk surface with acrylic logo, poster, and lightbox showings.


Before we start the production, we will send the construction drawing for your final confirmation.

After you confirm the construction drawing, we will send the drawings to the factory.

We will start the wood body first after the factory finishes the wood body. We will start the painting job.

The painting job needs 5 times the base coat and 2 times the finishing coat.

After we finish the painting job, we will start the installation of the eyebrow threading kiosk.

We will install all the wires, sockets, mirrors, logo, the beauty lamps, and so on.


Assemble the whole kiosk is very easy and fast. before we produce it, we will make a construction plan. will cut the whole kiosk is two-part and mark it1,2,3,4,5…… when you received the cargo. just need to find each counter and put them together, connect the wire. so the whole kiosk will work.


1)More than 14 years of experience manufacturer with our own factory.

2)Advanced equipment: laser carving, acrylic cutting, wood material cutting machines and painting equipment, etc.

3)High standard materials, up to national and international standards.

4)Exquisite design, strong productivity, fast delivery.

5)High quality and competitive price.

6)Experienced staff and scientific management system.


If you want to know more details, warmly welcome your inquiry!

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