Modern Wooden Eyebrow Service Kiosk In The Shopping Mall For Sale

Eyebrows play a very important role in our faces. Changing the shape or color of the eyebrows can make a huge difference in our faces. It’s like a man feels refreshed when he shaves. Everyone has a heart for beauty. Especially women will pay more attention to their appearance, they will find ways to make themselves more beautiful and delicate. So we can see a lot of beauty shops and eyebrow threading kiosks. Eyebrows can change the temperament of our entire being and make us more energetic. Therefore, the business of tattooing and eyebrow threading is particularly popular, which is why we can often see eyebrow service kiosk in shopping malls.

Shopping Mall Eyebrow Service Kiosk

We have been making kiosk, a shopping mall, for more than ten years. We have made countless eyebrow pavilions and they are very popular. The two countries where our eyebrow pavilion ships the most are Canada and Australia. It seems that the eyebrow pavilions in these two countries are particularly popular. Are you also in one of these two countries?

We all know that the rent of the store is very high, and we still need renovation. This will cost a lot of time and money. But the shopping mall kiosk is much simpler. Although there are rents inside, it is definitely cheaper than the shop, and a mall is a place where groups of individuals gather. We are easy to get people’s attention, which increases our sales opportunities. The kiosk we provide is a completed kiosk, you don’t need to install its parts, just simply assemble it. Next, I will introduce to you in detail the eyebrow service kiosk I will show you today.

Wooden Eyebrow Service Kiosk Details

From the design drawing, we can see its shape, color, and content. It is divided into two sides. On the right are 4 working areas and the cash register, and on the left are the waiting area, sink, and product display cabinets. These are the necessary equipment and cabinets for the eyebrow service kiosk. Its two sides are interconnected and will not form a confined space. This design is better for customers.

Its main color is wood and black. Wood color is very popular in Australia and many customers like this wood color design. We can put our logo on the outside of the kiosk, which makes it easy for customers to recognize us. Because online marketing and booking are the mainstream now, many customers recognize us by looking at the logo. The logo is essential. It has two forms: text and graphics.


Material:  Plywood

Surface finish:    Laminate, baking paint

Color: Black and Wood color (It can be customized)

Content: Cabinets, drawers, mirrors, cushion, sink, glass box,  Led light, sockets

Production time: About 28 working days



Production Details

After confirming the design details with the customer, we will start production. All our products are purely handmade. Each of our workers has a very rich production experience. We pay attention to every detail, whether it is the material handling or the selection of accessories, we use high-quality products. What kind of design do you look at, and what kind of kiosk you receive. We strictly follow the design drawings and construction drawings to produce, so it is important to confirm the design.

Please see the production pictures. We will install all the accessories, such as mirrors, sinks, lights, and sockets. There are many colors of the wood grain. We will send you our wood grain options before construction, you can choose the color you like. Because there is a certain difference between the design and the actual product, we need to select and confirm our existing wood grain color. There are light strips around our mirrors, which can facilitate our work. In addition to the mirror, we will also install some decorative light bars around the kiosk. We will make the following logo into a luminous logo. Its effect will be better.

Logo: Acrylic luminous logo

Mirror Light: White Light

Decoration light: Warm light

Sink: Ceramics

Socket: Use your country’s standard

Voltage:We have installed the transformer, we will adjust the voltage according to your national standard


Eyebrow Service Assemble

Our eyebrow service kiosks are usually divided into a few small cabinets. Each cabinet is complete, with plug connectors at the bottom. When you receive the goods, you need to put them together first, and then connect the male and female plugs between them. Since this kiosk is relatively simple, we can easily distinguish the location of each cabinet. From the cash register, we can see a wire, this is the main wire of our kiosk. The cabinet in the cash register is our main switch and transformer. You need to connect this main wire to the mall. Turn on the main switch, then it can use.

How to order an eyebrow service kiosk?

  1. Contact us. Tell me what kiosk size you need and your requirements. Send me your favorite kiosk picture. If you don’t have one, just tell me your requirements. Such as how many working seats you need.
  2. Pay a 300USD design fee. Our designer team will design the kiosk according to your requirements. Design time is about 2 working days.
  3. Confirm the design. You can send it to your mall for approval. If tey has any comments, you can tell me. We will modify the design until it gets approval.
  4. After the design is approved by the mall, you need to pay a 50% deposit. We will start production. And 50% balance payment before shipment.
  5. Arrange transportation. We can ship the goods to your nearest port or your detailed address.

What is the kiosk price?

Our price based on the kiosk size, material, and style. Different sizes and styles have different prices. Our price depends on the final design.

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