Popular AU Standard Red Eyebrow Station for Sale

Happy New Year! Glad to know you are interested in the eyebrow station. It’s a good idea to open an eyebrow threading kiosk in the shopping center. In recent years, many people prefer to do eyebrow threading service in the shopping center. As it brings many customers and costs less money to start. Today, I want to share a popular AU standard eyebrow station with you.

Description of eyebrow threading kiosk

beauty salon booth

Eyebrow station includes working counters with a mirror, seating sofa, reception desk, display cabinets, and water sink, etc. This eyebrow station needs a location of 4m by 2m. The main colors are red and white, and the very eye-catching colors are impressive. The outside wall has two menus with a round eyebrow sign in the middle. Brand sign “Beautiful brows” at the bottom to tell people what services you provide.

When entering the kiosk, we can first see the cash register. Therefore, every customer can pay the bill when they leave the store. There are 2 workstations next to it. People sit there enjoying eyebrow threading service. On the other side is a long waiting sofa. There is a display counter with a locked drawer and a sink counter in the eyebrow kiosk. Brand name and TV player set in the entrance stand for advertising.

 Eyelash extension kioskStory of finalizing the eyebrow station

The kiosk is used at the shopping center in Australia. One day, the owner told us that she needs an eyebrow bar counter with her own brand name. After discussing the details, we know that she likes a style that we made for another customer. But she needs it 4m by 2m instead of 4m by 3m and normal red color instead of dark red. Without any delay, we help her create a new 3D design. She likes it very much and confirms the order immediately because the manager also agrees with the design drawing.

Material show:

The eyebrow threading kiosk is made up of MDF. MDF is very suitable for making eyebrow threading kiosks. It has very stable chemical properties and is very flat, capable of making various unique shapes. The high-gloss baking varnish is a surface material that can highlight your shop and look high-end and shiny. Lighting decoration is very important for the eyebrow bar counter. It can not only illuminate your showcase but also enhance the atmosphere of the shop.

eyebrow station

Features show:

  • Products name: Popular AU standard eyebrow bar counter
  • Color: Red with white, or other colors as you want
  • Size: 4m by 2m or other dimension match your location
  • Function: Provide eyebrow threading service, display take away products, etc.
  • Other materials: Light lamp, stainless steel, tempered glass, acrylic letter, lightbox painting, mirror, etc.

Production photos show

Do you want to see the effect in real life? Here I shared some pictures for your reference. The eyebrow bar counter you get is shown in the picture. All cabinet doors, lights, wires, sinks, logos, etc. are completed by us, and we will try to install and test all parts to work well. No matter what details you want to know, we will take pictures or videos for you.

eyebrow station eyebrow bar counter eyebrow bar counter

How to deliver the eyebrow threading kiosk?

In order to save space, we will package each counter separately accordingly. And use foam and sponge to wrap the counter to protect the eyebrow threading counter. The outermost layer is wooden box packaging to meet the requirements of long-distance transportation. So you can receive a few wooden boxes. Each box has a number corresponding to the counter. So you can find the counter accurately and put them together in order.

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