Eyebrow retail kiosks are very popular and common in shopping malls. Our company is a shopping mall kiosk customization company. Kiosk such as eyebrow services is one of the most kiosks we have done. The beauty industry is popular with women, and they can make us more confident and beautiful. What does the eyebrow retail kiosk in the mall look like? Let’s take a look at this beautiful eyebrow retail kiosk below.

Mall Eyebrow Retail Kiosk Description

This kiosk is a professional beauty. Its projects include eyebrow threading, eyelashes extension, manicure, and massage, etc. We can see that it has a total of four mirror counters, which can be used for beauty and makeup. We can see that it has a total of four mirror counters, which can be used for beauty and makeup. Opposite the mirror counter is a small nail table, cash register, and seating area. In addition, we also have a compartment with a bed inside, where customers can do some other relatively private projects, such as massage.

The content inside is made according to the requirements of our customers. We need to design all the furniture and tools we will use. We can put our menus, logos, and lightbox paintings on the outside so that customers can understand our main business. This design is designed for privacy. Our walls will be made higher so that people on the outside cannot see the inside. We all know that there are a lot of people in the mall, and some customers don’t like to be exposed to the public, so we can make the wall high like this.

Size: 6×3.5m

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Skirting: Gold stainless steel

Others: Acrylic logo, tempered glass, mirrors, light bulb, lightboxes

Our location: Shenzhen, China


Eyebrow Retail Kiosk Production

When we confirm the final design, we will start production. We can clearly see every detail from the design drawing. We can provide a complete kiosk. Of course except for machines. The main color of our kiosk is red, white and gray. We will send you a color card for confirmation when you start spraying the color. This will ensure that the sprayed color is what you like.

We will install the bulbs around the mirror, the logo on the exterior of the kiosk, the lightbox painting, and the glass display cabinet. We will install locks on all drawers and cabinets. And we will install sockets in the work area, rest area, and cash register. We will provide cushions for the rest area. Below the cushion is a cabinet, which can also be used as a storage cabinet.

The posters and menus outside the kiosk are all you need to provide us. The picture must be high-definition so that we can print it without blurring. If you want us to provide the chairs, you can tell me. We can buy them for you.

Eyebrow Retail Kiosk Assemble

Our assemble is very easy. When we start production, we can show you the video. So you can see it more clearly.

Our kiosk is divided into separate cabinets. When you receiving the kiosk, you put them together according to the design position. Then connect the male and female connectors under them. We have a main switch and wire in the cash register cabinet, you need to connect it to the mall power supply. Then open the main switch, it can work.

What is your kiosk price?

Our kiosk price is based on size, material, and style. We need to know what size and the kiosk-style you need.

This eyebrow retail kiosk size is 6×3.5m, made of MDF and baking paint, according to its design, the price is 8500$.

Our exact price depends on the final design. I suggest we can make our own design.

How to start the design?

If you want to custom your kiosk, you can tell me the kiosk size, your requirements and send me your logo. If you have your favorite kiosk picture. You can send me. We can combine your brand design with a similar one. Our design fee is 300USD, it includes 3D images and construction drawings. When we place an order, it will be returned to you.

What is the production time?

Our production time is 28 working days when we confirm the construction drawings.



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