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In this increasingly fashionable age, everyone all pursues beauty, especially appearance. Some people make the face-lift, some people make up to make themselves be good-looking. The eyebrows are also an important part of the facial features. Good eyebrow shape can enhance a person’s spirit and temperament. Most people choose to change the eyebrow shape to make the face more stereoscopic and to fit the feature, others would like to change the color of the eyebrow make fit the hair or just want to make the eyebrow color deep. People don’t need to drawing the eyebrow everyday, it is very convenient. So it must be very popular if you have the business of beauty and erybrow. The following is a very fantastic eyebrow kiosk to show you.

The details of the eyebrow kiosk

The main color of this one eyebrow kiosk is black, which is very high-end. To offer people a professional feeling. Some The details of the eyebrow kioskadvertisement pictures and logos on the kiosk door and the two sides is very attrctive. To let people know the kiosk is for what. It is a good way to progagandize.

Three seats and mirrors with led lights for serving the customers. When the customers choose the eyebrow projects, they can also watch the process and see the effection from the mirrors.

From a top view of the eyebrow kiosk, we can see there is a stool in the corner, it is for the customers who is waiting for the time or rest. It is very considerate. In other corner side, there is cabinets for something storage and supporting. You can put some eyebrow tools or eyebrow shape and color for dispay. On the back wall of the kiosk, there is a space to show different eyebrow projects with different price. People can know directly when they are outside the kiosk, and they can choose relevant projects. Some people will remove the price concerns when they look at it if the price is suitable for them,  if you don’t show the price and projects, some people will not go into your the kiosk because they don’t know what you can offer and what price is. So it is a very wise idea to take good ues of the kiosk space. If you don’t know about how to design a kiosk, please don’rt worry, our designer can design one for you according to the simifar style.

The details of the eyebrow kiosk

The introduction of the 3D design

How to make the design effectiive?

a: If you have a final design please provide us the design documents and we will exactly build your eyebrow kiosk.
b: If you don’t have a final design, that is ok, just provide us the similar pictures you have and our designer make a scheme as your detail requests.
c: If you don’t have a final design neither similar pictures, don’t worry, we will provide you some suggestion to choose and we are sure that we can provide you the best service. The introduction of the 3D design

What is the “Design free”?
“Design Fee” is prepaid before we start designing the eyebrow kiosk as your customized request. It is usually $300-500 according to your eyebrow kiosk size and it is just an symbol for both us shows sincerity we want to cooperate. Please be sure that we will refund the money to you when the order confirmed so the design is free for you.

Strenfth of our design
a. The top professional designers to guarantee perfect and creative jewelry display showcases design.
b. Design for many international famous brands and won many good customer reputation.
c. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction of design.

Finally, if you want to have a eyebrow kiosk please contact us and let us help.

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