Outdoor kiosk is very normal in our life, you can see that there are many outdoor kiosks on the street. The outdoor kiosk can sell many goods like the ice cream, coffee, some other drinking.  The outdoor kiosk is very suitable to sell the brakfast and some snack.

when you start to start your business on the street, you need to find a outdoor kiosk  to sell your goods. Next, I will introduce the kiosk to you, and you can take these as a reference.


The style of the outdoor kiosk industrial style, which is very professional in our style. The top of the kiosk is matal, and the surface we use the painting. The surface of the painting has a logo which can advertise our brand. The main frame is metal like the four corner pillars, and the top.

Inside of the counter we use the wood  to build the food counter. The back of the kiosk has a door which you can enter into the kiosk.

The front of the kiosk has some small windows on the kiosk. And can decorate the kiosk to make it more high-end. You can see that the inside of the kiosk has the  shelves on the wall, you can put your brand, and machines on the shelves. The shelves will make the whole counter more tidy and clean.

Does the kiosk has the electric line?

Yes, we focus on exporting the goods to different countries. And will install the electric and sockets according to your local socket and standard. We will install the electric line, sockets, light, when you receive the kiosk, just connect the wire with the your local power.



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