Outdoor retail food kiosk customize restaurant design service

The food business is an industry that can easily start. You can use a small outdoor food cart to start with a small budget. If you want to open a restaurant outdoor, a container kiosk or an outdoor kiosk can fit your need. Today we want to share with you an outdoor food kiosk design. Hope it can give you some ideas of how to make an outdoor restaurant.



About the design of the outdoor food booth:

On the top of the outdoor food kiosk, we can make your logo on it for your customer to see your brand easily.

The space for the staff to work inside, we will make the food counter for them. On the countertop can put the machine you want.

Also, the machine under the countertop, please tell us the size then we can leave the space for you in advance.


About the material of the outdoor food kiosk:

We will make the outdoor food booth with a metal frame as a basic.

The material of an outdoor food booth includes plywood, laminate, stainless steel and 8mm tempered glass.

And the countertop can use man-made stone or quartz stone. For an outdoor food kiosk, we need to use good and strong material as it need to resist hard weather. Our quality can last 5-10 years for long time use.



Our design team can make a customized 3d design of the outdoor food kiosk. Please let us know the size of what you want.

And before we make the 3d design, we need your logo, your equipment machine list, or other requirements.

A professional 3d customize kiosk design will charge a 300$ design deposit. You can get a 3d outdoor food kiosk exactly what you want from our company.

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