Strong material metal fast food outdoor booth design for sale

For the food business, we can start with a fast food business first. Because fast food is a kind of food easy to make and easy for you to start. You can find a place first if you want to start a food business. Better to choose a good place so that many customers can come and buy your food.

This is a strong material metal fast food outdoor booth design for sale. It is suitable for outdoor places, you can use it in the park, street and so on. Let us check the design of it and let us introduce it to you.



This is a customize fast food kiosk for outdoor and the design is good-looking. Because this kiosk is for outdoor area, we need to use hard and strong materials. This is why outdoor kiosks are usually much more expensive than indoor kiosks.

In order to let the structure more durable, we usually use a metal frame to make the kiosk body first. And surface finish with a plywood base and aluminum plastic panel. For the countertop, we can use stainless steel material is the best but the man-made stone is also good.


We have many customers who always ask why we need to make a customize 3d design first. This is because different customer has their different locations. The location size is different and their business is also different. We make the design for the customer to see if the kiosk exactly fit their need.

We will build a new 3D model with their requirement and show it to the customer. So that they can check and this is a very important step.

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