High-end solid wood strip outdoor food kiosk factory price

Are you looking for a good design of an outdoor food kiosk to start your business? If you want to open an outdoor food kiosk we can make it for you. Our designer can make a nice outdoor food kiosk with your location size.

Usually, the location for an outdoor kiosk is in the park, the street, or any other outdoor place. Here we can introduce some tips for the outdoor food kiosk design to you.



This outdoor food kiosk is to sells bread and coffee. The front of the outdoor food kiosk has 2 glass display showcases for the bread and cake. So it can for the customer to see and choose what food they want to buy. Inside can for the staff to make some coffee or other foods.

You can send us the equipment list then we arrange the layout for you. We will make them in the 3D design and send them to you and check the effect. You can check and let us know if need to change something.


Because the outdoor food kiosk needs to use for the outdoor area. Then the material must use strong and good quality, in order to withstand hard weather and for long time usage. We will use metal as the basic frame and cover it with plywood. For the surface finish use laminate and solid strip. The countertop material we can use man-made stone or quartz stone for the food counter.

Inside we will install the spotlights on the ceiling. And on the top is an acrylic logo, you can send us your brand logo.

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