Solid Wood Coffee Kiosk Fast Food Street Shop Furniture

outdoor food kioskThe outdoor fast-food kiosk uses to sell fast food, coffee, drink, crepe, etc. You can also use it to show other products, like phone covers, books, etc. Because the outdoor kiosk is easy to operate and can attract people to buy items from you. Here is a nice outdoor food kiosk sharing with you.

Wood food outdoor kiosk design

This fast-food kiosk size is 3m by 2m, a very standard size for outdoor kiosks. It’s fit for new business ideas and food chain brands. The main color is black with a wood bar, looks lightened and unforgettable. Food outdoor kiosks include roof, floor, sales window, door, inside counters, space for equipment. We can also add lighting, wires, water sink for usage.

Details information

coffee shop

Sales window display

This outdoor kiosk has a sales window on 3 sides. Clients can order and pick up food in the middle window. On both sides of it are posters and menus, customers can accurately order their favorite food. Under the counter are cabinets and drawers to make full use of space.

Back wall

The back wall has an entrance door near the corner. A working bench and kitchen counter are also set here to prepare food. Besides, we can see a chimney on the wall to facilitate smoke exhaust and ventilation.

outdoor coffee storeRoof decoration

The top eaves are black, and the upper part is decorated with solid wood strips, which adds interest and gives people a bright feeling. The wood bar also matches the sales window frame, which vividly showcases your shop theme. Moreover, you can attach the brand logo attach at the top ceiling, so that clients can notice you and remember you.

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