Round and Unique Coffee Cup Outdoor Kiosk for Sale

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Coffee cup-style kiosks become popular in recent years. It looks unique and attracts eyes attention, which is good to open your own business design. Today, I want to share a nice coffee cup outdoor kiosk with you.

Unique Coffee Cup Outdoor Kiosk

This coffee cup kiosk is mainly for outdoor uses. However, you can also use it in the coffee shop, shopping center, and even food court. When is used indoors, the materials are a little different from outdoor kiosks. Because indoor kiosk is not affected by wind, sun, rain and other factors, and is particularly safe compared to outdoor.

coffee cup kiosk

Introduce outdoor coffee kiosk

The diameter of the outdoor coffee kiosk is 2m, for better delivery, we recommend the diameter no more than 2.2m. And the height is 2.4m. It includes roof, floor, dining table, sales window, brand sign, work table, and space for equipment. You can customize the coffee cup kiosk same color, style.

Brand sign

A brand logo is very important for the outdoor kiosk. We can see there is 3D luminous coffee in white color on the roof, clients can find your business even in darkness.

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Sales window

The sales window is set on the front side. People order and pick up a coffee from the sales window. Menu and ads. put up on both sides, so that clients can order coffee soon. There is a panel with metal support, its uses as a dining bar counter along with bar chairs. Clients can sit down and drink coffee.

Lock door

The locked door is usually set at the backside. There is a large coffee cup sign on the wall to reminds people. Inside the coffee kiosk also has lock cabinets to store products.


We can see that there is a warm color light strip on the top (under the shape of the coffee cup lid). Colorful light lamps surround the sales window, which attracts people’s attention.

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