Durable metal outdoor food booth coffee retail kiosk

The coffee business is all over the world. The streets are full of various coffee shops. Not only the coffee shops on the streets but also many coffee kiosks in the shopping mall and outdoor coffee booths. But no matter where do you want to start the business, we can make a beautiful kiosk for you to fit your needs.

Today we want to introduce an outdoor cafe shop design to you. About this outdoor coffee booth, you can close it at the night. Meanwhile, as it is used for the outdoor, the material we will use durable and strong material. Let us see the details of the outdoor coffee kiosk together.


The whole kiosk structure uses metal material as the base, and wood color aluminum plastic panel for the surface finish. For the size of the outdoor coffee kiosk, we can make it according to your location size. The size of this outdoor cafe shop is about 3 x 2 m for your reference.

The front side is a bar counter can for the customer to sit and have coffee here. Inside the space is not too big and still need to put some equipment and work counter. But enough for 1-2 staff to work.

The entrance door is on the back side, the left side and the right side both have a small glass window. On the front side is an awning. Such an outdoor food kiosk like this design is suitable for sand beaches, parks, or other outdoor places.



Whatever the size you want, whatever the style you want, we can customize a satisfactory design for you. Welcome to inquiry us for a professional and free design. Please send an email to us at or call us at +86 13510438034.

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