New Invention Ice Cream Shop Outdoor Kiosk Food Booth Design

outdoor kiosk The outdoor kiosk is very important to sell crepes, ice cream, frozen yogurt, crepe, etc. It includes roof, flooring, volume gate, cashier counter, lock door, lightbox painting, and brand sign. Today, I want to share a useful ice cream kiosk with you.

Outdoor kiosk ice cream shop

This kiosk size is 3m by 2m, good to use in the street, park, outdoor mall, and even food court. It is customized style, color, and design based on your requirements. No matter how attractive and special of the outdoor kiosk is, you can get a wonderful outdoor kiosk in our factory.

The outdoor kiosk use rainproof, fireproof, anti-sunshine that good to use outdoors. We use E1 grade materials to build this outdoor kiosks and insert metal frame in the middle to support it.

ice cream kiosk

ice cream kioskOutdoor kiosk intrduction

We can place refrigerators in front, so that clients can pick up ice creawms easily here. Next to it is a casheir counte to checking bills. Inside has work counters, space for equipment and water sink. Very convenient to use and make full use of the space

Backside wall

The back side has a close door to entrance the store. It can also lock well at night. Front side has a volume gate to show inner decoration to the clients. You can also add advertising posters, brand sign, TV players here to show more informaiton.

Brand sign

The brand logo is standing at the top of ceiling, which show your brand and company to the clients. Outside wall also has a light box posters to show hot saling, popular and new invention dishes to clients.

Our Unique Kiosk is a manufacture, we produce many customize outdoor kiosks for customers. There are a professional design team in our factory, they can draw a 3D design to show your ice cream outdoor kiosks.

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