Blue Outdoor Ice Cream Kiosk Frozen Yogurt Street Booth for Sale

street weet food boothOutdoor ice cream kiosk is popular among people to open business. It can install in the street and sell all kinds of foods. Such as ice cream, frozen yogurt, bubble tea, coffee, hot dog, cake, or other food and beverages. No matter what size of the location you rent, we can build the outdoor food kiosk to meet your demands.

Outdoor kiosks to sell ice cream

You can make the outdoor kiosk size at 3m by 2m, a very standard size in street. It includes roof, flooring, sales window, lock door, work table, space for equipment. The brand sign, menu, advertising posters, etc. can also add to this outdoor kiosk.

ice cream shop

Introduction of outdoor kiosk

As we can see on the front side, it has a large sales window. It has a curved edge, looks lovely and unique. The owner place equipment under the counter table for usage, POS system set here for checking bills. Under the counter has sliding drawers and cabinets for storage.

The back wall mainly has a large lightbox painting for advertising. In the middle has a wall shelf to place ice cream models. Customers see what kind of ice cream they get. There are vents on both sides of the kiosk so that employees feel comfortable when working. You can also increase the air conditioner to keep the temperature

frozen yogurt shopMaterials introduction

We mainly use fiberglass as the main material to build the kiosk. Other materials include MDF, baking paint, acrylic panel, lightbox painting, blade signage, etc. It also has lighting to brilliant the outdoor ice cream kiosk. There are ice cream models along with a brand sign at the kiosk top to inform people from far away, it also has a blue protect ceiling to prevent sunshine and rain.

Color Decoration

The main color of the ice cream kisok is blue. There are many yellow five-pointed stars in different sizes to decorate the kiosk.

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