Brown and Orange Outdoor Fast Food Kiosk for Sale

coffee kiosk

The outdoor kiosk is mainly used to sell food, drinks, and retail items. Beautiful outdoor kiosks attract eyes’ attention and are good to promote the company culture. I am sure that everyone likes to buy things from food stores with amazing designs. Today, I want to share a nice outdoor food kiosk design with you.

Unique outdoor food kiosk design

This outdoor kiosk size is 3m by 2m, fit for most outside locations. The main color is a matte effect brown with bright effect orange color decoration. Outdoor food kiosks have a round shape style on the side, which makes people feel fresh and remember you well.

coffee boothLayout decoration

On the front side, it has a large sales window, poeple order food and pick up food here. So we place a cashier counter, display showcase here to improve work efficiency. Two sides have LED light wall shelf, it is good to show snacks and raw materials to prepare food. Equipment can place on and under the counter for better usage. While the back is an entrance door near a glass window. A water sink or microwave can place here to make full use of space.

food kiosk

Brand sign

The brand sign is set at the top of the outdoor food kiosk. Outside of two round decoration can also show brand logo to leave a deep impression on people. The brand sign can also attach to the ceiling view as a shop front.

Menu and advertising

Menus with metal support stand on both sides of the front, clients can see and choose their favorite food. You can also hang a backboard to update hot sale dishes. Menus also attach inside wall, employees can also see the price list and serve clients better.

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