Outdoor Ice Cream Kiosk Stainless Steel Street Shop Booth for Sale

outdoor kiosk

The outdoor kiosk is seen in the park, street, food court, bus station, and outside malls. We can use it to sell ice cream, fast food, coffee, cake, bubble tea, and crepes. No matter what size of the location you have, purchase a suitable outdoor food kiosk is very important. Today, I want to share a nice ice cream kiosk with you.

Outdoor ice cream kiosk design

This purple outdoor ice cream kiosk needs an area of 4m by 2m, with a metal base support. It uses fireproof, rainproof, and preservative materials to build. 2-4 people can work together inside the room. This outdoor kiosk includes roof, flooring, sales window entrance door, and work counters.

Introduction of ice cream kiosk

frozen yogurt kioskFront view

The front side has a working table with equipment, cashier counter set here. People waiting in line and buy food here. Under the counter table has a lock cabinet and space for fridges.

Side view

From the side view, we can see an ice cream model on the right side. That attracts the clients and helps increase the sales performance. Nobody can refuse ice cream in hot weather.

ice cream kioskTop view

The top roof and counter surface have the same painting decoration. The lightbox logo, blender, and brand sign can also attach here to remind poeple. You can also change the layout, decoration, ceiling style as you want.

This ice cream kiosk has multiple glass windows, that allow clients to view you from different directions. And can also view the production process. We can also install a volume gate to protect the shop from being stolen at night.

All the cabinets and drawers have lock doors so that you can store raw materials and other necessary products here.

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