Outdoor Food kiosk Juice Booth Stand Fast Food Restaurant for Sale

food kioskOutdoor food kiosks have become very popular in recent years, it’s a profit plan to sell fresh juice and milk. For those who start their first business, a 3m by 2m is a good size to start. Today, I want to share a cost-effective outdoor kiosk with you. It’s a customize outdoor kiosk and can build same as your requirements.

Orange outdoor food kiosk design

This outdoor kiosk is in orange color, looks attractive, and matches the brand theme. It gives a fresh feeling and highlights your brand. That can remind people of your products and remember your shop better. It includes roof, flooring, decorate the wall, display counter, and storage cabinet. We will also add a brand logo to the kiosk. And can also install lighting, cables for better usage.

crepe kioskIntroduction of the outdoor food kiosk

The front is mainly used to sell fresh juice and milk. A glass display showcase place in the right area. Which is mainly used to present products to the clients. The brand logo also attaches here to attracts more customers. The countertop is open to putting things, and when you close it up, it can be used as a door to prevent things from being stolen.

There are hollow wall decorations on both sides to make the shop look more beautiful. They can also increase the ventilation of outdoor food kiosks. Menus also place facing to the public. So that people can know the price list and purchase their favorite food and beverage.

fast food kiosk Material information

Outdoor kiosks are not like indoor kiosks. It needs rainproof, fireproof, stable, and anti-windy materials.

This outdoor food kiosk uses Plywood and a metal frame to build the kiosk body. The surface material is the aluminum composite panel. Brand logo mainly uses acrylic material with brilliant light. Stainless and lightbox logos are also very popular to creates a wonderful effect. If you have material and other requirements, just contact us in advance. We will make it the same as your needs. Thank you for reading.

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