White Color Sweet Food Kiosk Cake Booth with Seating

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Are you looking for a nice sweet food kiosk? The food kiosk is helpful for business, as it is good to prepare and sell food. Below is a white sweet food kiosk sharing here. If you need a luxury food kiosk, please don’t miss this style.

Introduction of food kiosk

This food kiosk is mainly used for selling cakes, coffee, milkshake, etc. You can also make it fit your business. This food kiosk size is 3m by 3m. It includes a reception counter, display showcase, water wink table, working area, and storage space. Brand name, menu board, posters can also add to the kiosk. The main color is white with blue line decoration, which creates a modern minimalist style.

fast food kioskLayout

There is a reception desk in the front, it’s also near the entrance, clients can order food here and pay cash. It has a large menu board on the countertop, clients can see the price list well. On the counter body has a large brand logo in brown color. Next to it is a large glass display showcase, you can place cakes and bread for sale. Clients can purchase directly.

We can see the side counter has a 3- compartment sink. There is a tempered glass panel on the top, so clients won’t get close to the working area.

food kiosk

The back area has a coffee machine, ice cream machine, blender at the countertop. That is convenient to use. There is a tall display stand in the middle, we can add brand signage with TV players. Lock cabinets and a microwave can place under the counter table, which can help you make good use of all rooms.


A dining table and chairs are very important for clients. If you have limited space, we recommend adding bar chairs along with a food kiosk. However, if you have enough room, you can also use green plants to decorate the seating area.

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