Pink color lovely style cake cart mobile food stall in the shopping mall

Cakes are as popular as any dessert. We always want something sweet when we are unhappy. It turns out that sweet foods really do make us feel happy. To start a cake business is a good idea.

You can go to the school to learn how to make the cake or hire a cake maker. The next step is to find a location and make a cake kiosk to start the business. Below is a pink color lovely style cake cart mobile food stall design share with you. 



This is a lovely style cake food counter design. In the middle is a display fridge for the cake and some desserts. Also on the countertop, you can put a cashier register or some small products like candy and chocolate.

The two wheels on the front are for the decoration, not the real wheels. But we can add the wheels under the cake kiosk so that you can move it to the place you want.



We can make a customized 3d design for the cake kiosk. For the size of the cake kiosk, it depends on your location size. Please check with the shopping mall. To discuss about the details of the size, the color and the style and so on. Our design team can make the 3d design for you with all your requirements.



The shipping we can ship to the port or door to door address. About the shipping time, it depends on the port from you. To the USA is about 30 days on sea. To the UK is about 22-28 days on sea.


For the packing of the cake kiosk, we will use the foam inside and a wooden box outside.

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