Small size food stall customize birthday cake kiosk design

When I was a child, my parents always prepared a birthday party for me, and we sang birthday song and ate birthday cake together. Yes, many people will buy a cake for their birthday to celebrate. This is a not bad business for you to start. You can set up your own brand for your cake business.

This is a small size food stall customize birthday cake kiosk design. You can check it and we will give you some ideas on how to start a cake or food business.



This is a small size kiosk design with a size of about 2x2m. It has two display fridges, one for the cake, and another one for the bread and dessert. And between two display fridges, there is a small cashier desk with a logo and poster on the front. Under the countertop, it has an under-countertop fridge. The size of the under-countertop fridge please send it to us in advance. So that we can make it to fit your machine.

For another decoration for the cake kiosk design, we can add your brand logo or brand name. Add the led strip light under the stainless steel toe kick. In this cake kiosk design, we add the white color led strip light. The color of the led strip light you can choose your favorite one but usually use white color.


We can make a customized cake kiosk design for you. If you have a location and the size of it, please send it to us. Our designer will build a new 3d model according to your location size. Another important thing is the equipment list. If you have it, please send it to us with the dimensions and pictures.

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