Attractive Bun Bao Kiosk Fast Food Shop Counter in California Mall

Bun kioskHave you eaten buns? Buns become popular because of  it’s delicious taste and good smell. No matter when you plan to build the bun kiosk, we can help you customize the kiosk fit your business. This bun kiosk use at one of California mall in the USA.

Description of bun kiosk

This bun kiosk mainly use to display and sale buns. It also use to promoting business and brand. Main color is red and white, looks high end and attract eyes attention.

bun cabinetSize information

This bun kiosk size is 10ft by 15ft, counter height is 40 inch and total height 72 inch to the meet the mall requirements. Usually, the kicking height is 4 inch, countertop is 35 inch tall. So don’t worry about different sizes, we can customize it to meet your demands.

Material details show

The basic material is 16mm plywood to make the wood body. Surface material is matte red laminate, wooden laminate, and white laminate. We can also add wood bar to decorate the kiosk. Counter top use artificial stone to keep it clean and better usage.

bun shop designLayout information

We can see the front side has display counter, here has a sales window for pick up buns. Near it is a cashier counter, people order food and pay cashier here. All the counter can place buns for sale. And the sunglass sneeze guard to keep clients away from food.

Back side has space for freezer and micro wave, inside the cabinet can also place machines for use. Each cabinet has moveable shelves for useage. Business logo, slogan and posters atttach to the kisok body.

Produce photos show

bun kiosk bun kiosk bun kiosk

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