Modern bakery shop cake display showcase food kiosk in the mall

For people who want to start a business, you can try to start the food business. Because everyone needs to eat something. With the rising living standard, today’s consumers have higher requirements for food. Consumers are increasingly aware of the relationship between diet and health.

Today we want to introduce a modern bakery shop cake display showcase food kiosk in the mall to you. It is a small food shop located in the shopping mall.



On the top is a logo of the shop’s brand name. It has a counter on the front, the middle is two glass display showcases that can display the cake and bakery. And on the back side wall has the wooden display rack. It has the food counter on the back side and on the bottom can for the storage cabinet. Inside is the kitchen.




Our design team can make a customized 3d design for you. You need to get the size and the location information from the shopping mall and get back to us. The designer will make a customized 3d design of the cake kiosk and we will send it to you in 3-5 working days.

After you check the 3d design of the cake kiosk, you can let us know your idea about the cake kiosk design. We can discuss and make the changes for you. Then you can send it to the shopping mall for approval.



The material of a food kiosk usually uses plywood with laminate. And the countertop we can use man-made stone or quartz stone. Because the countertop needs to touch the water then need to use waterproof material for the countertop. The glass is 8mm tempered glass and we will install the wires and sockets for you.

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