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Food is what people need every day and delicious food can make us happy. If you planning to start your own business, starting a food business is a good idea. There are so many kinds of foods in the world. If you want to sell a kind of food, you can survey if it is a hot sale and popular food in your country or in your city. Then you can choose one food to start with and learn how to make it.

After that, you need to make a food kiosk for you to run the business. This is a best sale macarons cake food stall shopping mall food kiosk design for your reference.



This is a food kiosk designed for macarons, cake and dessert. It has a glass display showcase to display macarons, cake and other foods. And a pillar with a lighted 3d logo. On the two sides of the cake kiosk has the bar counter. The customer can sit on the bar chairs. Inside the cake kiosk is the storage cabinet and food preparation.

The material of this macarons cake food kiosk is plywood with laminate. For the countertop of the macarons cake display showcase, we usually use man-made stone or quartz stone is better. On the design of the cake food kiosk, we can add the led strip light then it can look more attractive.



For a customized 3d food kiosk design will charge a 300USD design deposit. Please send me the information about the food kiosk and let us know what food you want to sell.

It is better to have the equipment list then we can fit them into the food kiosk design. We will send the 3d design to you in 3-5 working days.

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