Pink and White Cake Kiosk with Ice Cream Showcase in France

ice cream kiosk

Cake and ice cream are popular sweet food in the world. It has a delicious taste and brings us a good spirit. It’s a good idea to open a cake shop in the shopping mall and earn money. You can talk to the mall manager about your business idea first, which can help you get final approval. Here is a wonderful cake kiosk in pink color. Let’s learn more information together.

Description of cake kiosk

Size: This kiosk size is 3m by 3m, you can make the size fit your location.

cake kioskColor: The main color of the cake kiosk is white with pink decoration. We can see there are many cake and ice cream models decorating the surface, looks vivid and attractive. That will appeal to both children’s and adults’ attention.

Occasion: The cake kiosk is good to use in the shopping mall. You can also place it in the food court, restaurant, depending on your business plan.

Material: We use a B1 grade panel to build the cake kiosk. So the kiosk is of good quality. Materials include MDF, baking painting, hot bending glass, stainless steel, acrylic, etc.

sweet food kioskLayout

We can see in the design, there are two large ice cream displays on opposite sides. While the front area mainly guides clients to buy cakes and show cakes. The corner part is a curved counter with shelving. Beverage machine set here so that clients can even help themselves.

The back area has a long work table with cabinets. A water sink on one side for washing hands. Closed to it is a tall trapezoidal stand, a brand sign attached to the top area, which makes more clients know you directly. You can also put up posters and add TV players for advertising.

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