Attractive Cake Kiosk Counter Retail Cupcake Showcase for Sale

cake stand

The cake is a sweet food that everyone likes because of its delicious tastes and beautiful looking. This cake kiosk includes a glass display showcase, storage cabinets, brand logo wall, and a lighting box. Here is the lightbox here to send the brand sign. Here is a nice cake kiosk sharing with you.

3D design cake kiosk

This cake kiosk size is 3m by 2m, we can make full use of space to show cakes and start a business. Cake kiosk materials include plywood, laminate, stone countertop, stainless steel kicking, tempered glass, light lamp, etc. We can also use sliding rails for better usage.

cake showcaseGlass display showcase

The front side has many glass display counters, it has multiple layers and shelving with light, you can place cake here and can also add cake machines in this place. The corner has multiple wood display cabinets, you can show cake models or goods here for sale.

There is the brand logo on both sides so that clients can remember you well. It has a white frame surrounding it, looks very luxurious and attractive. Under it has a line to decorate it. The cashier counter is placed here to reception people and charges money.

cupcake boothBackside tall cabinets

There are wall cabinets on the backside, it is taller than the display counter. You can also place machines here to restore cakes. Near it is a water sink for washing hands and items. We can also add lock draw and cabinets to store items.

The main color is white with green decoration. It gives people a green feeling and helps to express brand imagine.

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