Red Color Snack Kiosk Fast Food Booth in the Mall

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Are you looking for a snack kiosk to earn money? Snake kiosks can use to sell all kinds of delicious food and drinks, such as hot dogs, street food, cake, donuts, and even special food. No matter what kind of food you sell, this red color snack kiosk can help your business. Let’s view the details together.

Introduction of snack kiosk

As we can see in the drawing, this cake kiosk color is red with a yellow brand logo for decoration. The brand name is stainless steel material, which high level the shop theme and makes the snack kiosk look good. Marble stone is to build the counter table, which is stable to use and easy to clean.

crepe kiosk3D details show

This snack kiosk has a display counter, workbench, wall shelving, glass panel, and top roof ceiling. You can also add lightbox posters, slogans, and brand logos to attract clients.

Front view

The front side is a working display counter. You can place a display showcase, cashier register, menu, and brand logo here. So that clients can choose flavors directly. You can also add a topping bar counter here. Under the counter, a table has lock draws and cabinets to place items.

cake showcaseBack view

The back side has space for machines. It is mainly used as a kitchen room. Food prepare here and raw materials are also restored here. You can also add a water sink for better usage. We can see there is full of shelving behind, you can hang items here, it also uses as a support to the big roof.


We can see there are is a big roof ceiling at the top, brand sign attached to the front. Both sides have round shape lightbox to remind people of your business. So that clients will choose you at the first sight.

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