Useful Nuts Display Counter Island Display Showcase in Food Store

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Many people like to eat nuts because of their delicious taste. It’s a good idea to open a nuts shop and purchase an attractive nuts counter for business. Here is a useful nuts display counter sharing with you. It’s good to set in the middle shop.

White nuts display counter design

This nuts display counter size is 120cm wide by 60cm deep by 90cm in height. It is a size suitable for transportation and can also save volume. You can choose the right quantity according to the size of the store. The main color is white with gold metal frame decoration.

glass counterNuts counter introduction

As we can see in the nuts display counter. It can use for both showcase and storage items.

The countertop has a tempered glass showcase at the top. The middle area also has a panel to divided it into two parts. You can place different styles of food for select, which is also convenient for clients to buy from both sides.

Under counter has two-door cabinets with shelves inside. You can use it to restore more products for sale. Besides, you can also add a brand sign on the surface for the brand name to give people a deep impression.

Produce details show

We can see the final effect on the product photos. What you see in the product photos is what you can receive the nuts counter. So, it’s very important to make a 3D design before order. You can see the counter layout, location and real looks in advance. If you need any changes, we can also help adjust the design.

display table display counter

No matter when you need the nuts display counter, you can get it in Unique Kiosk. We are working hard and improve ourselves to provide better products service to you.

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