According to scientific research,  fruit and nuts are rich in a variety of nutrients. Many people get used to having some nuts for breakfast, which is considered good food for fitness. It is in high demand in the market, especially when the holidays come.Many people use it as a gift. If you want to start your nut business, You can feel free to enjoy this post because I want to introduce a nut kiosk to you. Hope it can help you.

The detail of the kiosk

Item name: Nut kiosk

Color:white and wooden color

Style: simple and natural

Function: display product

Advantage:, rainproof, fireproof, moisture-proof, anti-exposure,

Main material: MDF, Plywood, stainless steel frame,tempered glass

Design time: 2-3 business days

Production time:22-25working days

Payment terms: 50% deposit before production and 50% balance before shipping.

The layout of nut kiosk

As we can see from this picture, the main style is wooden and white. It looks more simple and natural and fits the nut theme of this kiosk. There is an arc-shaped head door and a big matte logo hangs below it. On the left side, there are three glass display cases under the workbench. You are able to show the nut with a packing box.

There is another work table behind the wooden board with a poster. It contains two different sinks, a single and two pool water tanks. When the workers need to clean the material or the hand, it works. Moreover, because it is long enough, you are able to place the equipment machines. In general, we have not provided them. But if you need,please tell us. We can buy it for you. You just tell our sales, they will help you. Because the workbench is long enough, you can choose the position you want as a cashier counter.


There are some gray bars decorated with walls, which are blended in the whole style. Moreover, we can make full of the wall then post the logo on it, which can enhance the impression of the nut kiosk. Some funny nut wall stickers are supported, too. Making the kiosk more attractive contributes to catching the customers.


In this kiosk, we adopt some different materials to make it attractive. It includes MDF,plywood, tempered glass and so on. But the main body is constructed by MDF. common furniture materials in the market. And it is very easy to make it in a special shape. The surface matches baking painting, it’s very smooth and glossy, making it high-end.


When we finish the design, the workers will be in strict accordance with the requirement. The first work is to produce a wooden display. After that, we need to polish and smoothen its surface, which will easily put the baking paint in the next step and make it look more glossy. Finally, we will install the whole complete, including tempered glass gate, light strips and door head.There are some real productions for your reference.


About Our Company

UKS is leading Manufacturer of commercial display and Store Fixtures in China. We started exporting kiosk all over the world in 2002. We Customize Mall Used Kiosks, Shop Fixtures, Food Kiosks and Retail Carts. As Supplier of Food vending carts and kiosks for coffee, retail, crepes, bakery and beverage, we also custom kiosks for eyebrow threading, Nail express, Teeth whitening, Jewelry retail, shoes display etc. Our design concept and ideas for our fabrication and build process makes installing easy and safe. We have the best price and low cost display commercial furniture and have a good reputation for customers. We supply the Resort, Education, Health, Food, Beverage and public markets.


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