Bulk food nut kiosk mobile snack cart with acrylic display box

Every day eating an appropriate amount of nuts, such as peanuts, walnuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts and almonds, is good for one‘s body. Eating nuts often helps to absorb nutrients that the human body lacks. So as to obtain balanced nutrition, and can also play a role in enhancing human immunity.

Today we want to introduce a bulk food nut kiosk mobile snack cart with acrylic display box to you. You can use it to sell the nut, candy or some snacks. Let us see some details of this nut kiosk design together.



This is a portable food cart that can use in the shopping mall to sell some bulk foods. The nut kiosk has the acrylic display box for you to put some bulk foods. So that the customer can choose the food that they want and pack up themselves.

On the side, it has the cashier area and scales for the customer to pay the bill. For the surface finish, we can make the stickers or add some menu on it.



A customized design means we can make a customized 3d design with the size, the color and the style you want. This customized design we will make it exactly fit what you need.

You can send us your logo, your stickers design or the menu then we show it on the 3d model. The design time is about 3-5 working days then you can check and let us know your comments.



Wooden body – The woodworker will start to cut the material and install them in a whole set. This step usually needs 7-10 working days.

Paint job – After we finish the wooden body, we will move forward to the paint job. 5 times base coat and 2 times finish coat. 10-15 working days.

Installation – The final step is to install the whole kiosk, lights, logo, stickers and so on. 3-5 working days.


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