Nuts Store Hexagon Cabinets Wall Decoration for Sale

We recently made many different styles of wall decoration in the nuts store. They are in different shapes and set in different locations. You can purchase a suitable display showcase for your business. Our designers can even make 3D designs to show your nuts shop decoration. Here is a nice wall cabinet sharing with you.

Introduction of nuts store display cabinet

wall displayHexagon wall mounted cabinets

As we can see in the design, this wall-mounted cabinet is a whole composed of multiple hexagon shapes cabinets. You can add or modify their shapes at will to make them more unique. Hexagonal cabinets decoration is very popular nowadays. It is suitable for almost all businesses, such as maternity and baby shops, souvenir shops, milk tea shops, and beauty shops. It can even decorate mall kiosks. The size is 2300mm wide*1300mm tall*250mm deep. Each single hexagon cabinet has a tempered glass panel in the middle to display more nuts for sale.

Display counter

Under the wall-mounted cabinet is a display counter. The size is 2400mm wide, 900mm tall, and 500mm deep. We can customize the size according to the location size. It can use for both showcase and storage. The products can place on the countertop, clients can easy to select while under the counter has lock cabinets to store more products. Do you notice the golden kicking? Usually, the kicking color is silver, we make this golden color as clients’ need.

Produce photos show

Hexagon cabinet in reality

wall cabinet wall decoration

Display counter show

nuts counter wall shelf

The product photos show how the nut display showcase looks in real life. It’s important to draw a 3D design before production, because you can see how the furniture fit your business and can even find a good place for them. No matter when you need attractive nuts shop furniture, you are welcome to order from Unique Kiosk Ltd.

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