Beautiful Nut Kiosk with Unique a Design for Sale

This is a kiosk that can be used as a gift shop and packaged snack shop.  You don’t need to make food. So the design doesn’t have a working area. Although most display kiosk has a working area.  It is a pure display cabinet,  mainly used on the retail shop display shelf.

nut kiosk

Layout design introduction

First, we can this kiosk has several layers to put products. It also has some glass cabinet boxes. Second, we can see the top layer decoration, a small hollow counter with a logo. Finally, the basic material of the nut kiosk is plywood and laminate. We usually use that material, but you can also require the material you want.

Why choose our company?

We can custom-make kiosk according to your requirements, such as logo, material, size, style…the price also depends on the design. In addition, we are a custom design and manufacturing kiosk factory and have our own design team. We can design any style as your needs. Importantly, we can quote you the factory price and our kiosk has a strict production process to ensure quality.   nut kiosk

Other details

At the backside of this kiosk, we can see the transparent glass showcase and big luminous logo paints on the counter. Each counter has been installed light strip. When the switch is on, has very beautiful scenery. A high-end kiosk can let your products look more delicious and have high quality. You can lift product prices in this way, and people can not complain about it. They will think it is worth it.

Design details

The design needs to cost 3-5 working days, we can modify the design based on your needs at any time. Until the final design is confirmed. The production time usually is 22-25 working days and the shipping time is 25-30 working days. If you have an urgent need, pls tell us, and we can arrange your kiosk expedited manufacture in advance.

Welcome to contact us: and Mob: +86 137 255 66205

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