Blue and White Nuts Shop Service Counter with Drawers

nuts kioskThe nuts service counter is very important in a nuts shop. It mainly uses to show nuts, cakes, and beverages. The service counter also uses as a cashier counter that clients checking bills here. Today, I want to share a nice nuts shop with you.

Nuts shop counter design

This nuts display counter color is blue, white with gold frame decoration. You can put a brand sign on the counter body so that people can leave a deep impression on your brand and remember your goods service. Good service and good quality products help you go further. The size is 8500mm long by 1000mm wide. The casheir counter width is 600mm for better use.

nuts tableIntroduction of nuts kiosk

The left end has a low wall to surround the cake display equipment, clients can purchase cupcakes and bread here. Next to it is a cashier counter with cabinets can drawers. While the right end has a long wall, it’s a good place to show beverage equipment. Clients can pick up beverages easily.

Materials show

Main material: MDF

Surface material: White shinny baking paint

Other materials: Stainless steel, sliding rails, etc.

Production details

nuts table nuts booth

This nut counter can add lights under the counter or kicking lighting. You can see the kicking glow in the real product photos. As this nuts counter is very long, we divided it into several parts and pack well for sea shipping. We will also note numbers as the technical drawing shows so that you can place them in a good location.

nuts display

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