Nowadays, it is very common for people to use mobile phones. If the phone breaks down, they need to go to a mobile phone counter for repair. If you are planning a mobile phone repair business, need a unique cell phone counter to attract customers.

3D picture show

The color of this cell phone counter is mainly white and blue, the overall design is natural and stylish. it is composed of four parts, phone accessories display desk two repairs working desk, a logo mark display, a large display counter for cell phone repair, with a small till counter in the middle, which can also serve as a repair working table.

As we can see from the second picture, we have installed led light strips, poster lightboxes, and a luminous logo according to the customer’s requirements. Meanwhile, Posters can change based on your preferences. Also, using led lights can highlight your product, and a luminous logo is better able to attract the attention of customers.

All luminous logos and posters lightboxes we can available base on your needs. In addition, we can also provide flooring, which can customize according to the size of your location.

We have rich experience in kiosk and counter manufacturing and a professional design team. Our custom kiosks mainly built for commercial usage. All of our kiosk displays are design to exactly follow the mall criteria and client requirements.

Share some real production picture

This looks great, doesn’t it? The main material is MDF and baking paint, which has a hard texture and a smooth surface, treat with baking varnish, will make the counter have a very good luster. It looks very advanced and modern.

If you want to know more details, or want to start your business in the mall, please feel free to contact us. We will always here and waiting for your inquiry!

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