Smart phones are much more convenient than the original feature phones, but smart phones are more prone to breakage. This is why many brands have a 1-year warranty. Then we need to use this resource to start our own business. If you want to open the phone repairing business, besides finding the place in the mall, you also need to find the custom manufacturer to help you build the mobile phone repair desk.

Mobile phone Repair Desk

You can see the phone repair desk 3d design. The whole color  is orange, white and black. Whole shape of the phone repair table is irregular, but highly designed. You know the high quality 3d design can make the customer more satisfy. Although the there are not many light box, the phone repair desk is attractive and can attract the attention from the customer.

1. Layout and Description

We target the LOGO. The acrylic logo is very beautiful. There are 3 parts to build. We use the acrylic board as a body, the do the black and yellow board. The top we also add the light strip and make the logo part more wonderful. There are two light boxes which put it corner to advertise, other two sides corners just display the phone or phone accessories. For each glass display showcase, it has own style and make the kiosk more beautiful. On the top counter of the display showcase, it has the orange wood frame. It can avoid hurting people and make the kiosk more beautiful. We also install the light strip for each glass showcase.

The interior kiosk, it has the phone repair table. worker can sit in it and help customer solve the phone problems. Besides repairing, you also can take it as a cashier desk.

2. Design

Besides this style, we also have other  style like the below designs. First one is wooden and white style. If you like the simple but attractive design, this one will be suitable for you. Interior of the kiosk, we will put the phone shape screen, and will make the whole phone repair desk more unique. If the mall allow the high top, you can add the top with your logo on the phone repair desk. The other one is white, orange, and black. It is essential color match. The outside of the kiosk, we display the phone accessories. The interior put the phone repair desk to repair.


How can I Get New Design?

yes, we are professional custom manufacturer and has professional design team. We can do the new design for you according your size , requirements. You can send me your requirements and your ideas. We will display all of your ideas and needs on the 3d design. Then you can see if this is what you want.

How Can I Solve the Problem of Installation?

The installation is not difficult for you. When we produce the phone accessories desk, we will produce it according the construction drawings. It divided the whole kiosk into several parts. After you receive the phone accessories desk, you just put these together, and connect the wire together. Then the phone accessories desk can work successfully.

If you want to open the phone accessories desk, please contact us. We will customize the phone desk according your requirements. Whether it’s a shop or a mall kiosk, we can help you.

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