Functional Cellphone Accessories Kiosk Mobile Phone Showcase

Everyone have one or even several sets cellphones. The cellphone is necessary thing in life. At the same time, the cellphone accessories and repairing is the phones’ complementation. There are all kinds of the functions of a kiosk which can display the cellphones, accessories and repairing services. Most people sell the phones in the booth or in the mall. You have your own cellphone repairing kiosk

Description of the cellphone repairing kiosk

There are many styles of the cellphone display kiosk. This one is natural and friendly environment. It is made of the MDF with baking paint and tempered glasses. The front side has made one check-out counter for putting the register.  The phone kiosk is white and deep blue, and they match each other well. The logo is acrylic luminous on the counter to show. The rest  part is the common display counters with same layers for hanging the cellphone accessories. Its two corners are the counter to put the TV players. The short end is the wooden blue sign to show the light boxes. The showcases are for displaying cellphones and accessories. Besides, you can some samples of the cellphones for customers to try.

cellphone repairing kiosk front side

Another side of the kiosk also has the cases for displaying the cellphones. All showcase are installed light strips inside. The side opposite the register counter is two places for repairing broken phones for customers. Two chairs inside the kiosk is for the staff. One creative sign is in the kiosk middle.

cellphone repairing kiosk other side


This one cellphone accessories size is 12*12ft. Any sizes of the kiosk is okay for us to make for you.


The first step is to make design and it cost 2-4 working days. The production time is normal and it is about 25-28 working days. The shipping time is about 25-30 days to the sea port.

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