High-Quality Cell Phone Kiosk Mobile Phone Booth For Mall Sale

Everyone can have no phone in life. In the electronic industry, a cell phone almost is a popular product. Meanwhile, the repair service and phone accessories become popular too. I believe all of us must buy some phone parts usually. We are custom make retail kiosks for customers. Now, I will introduce one phone kiosk for your mobile phone business.phone kiosk

Introduction of the phone kiosk


This cell phone kiosk is divided into several single counters. First of all, we make the counter body of solid wood. Secondly, on each counter body side, we make a tempered glass display cabinet to show products. For most electronic products, the kiosk’s main area is a glass display area. Because that design is convenient for clients to see the items and learn about them. Finally, the counter includes a cashier register, we can see the cashier machine on the counter.  phone kiosk


We can see the four corner counters have the white shading with the letter logo” kara”, and the cashier counter also has the logo, which is good for people to remember your brand. We can custom-make your logo on the counter.

other accessories

phone kiosk

In addition, each glass display has hardware, that includes a lock and key, and LED strip light in the glass box. What’s more, we also design the floor layout. You can see the floor is also the wood decoration. But at the counter skirting area, we make the stainless steel, it has a sturdy and smooth effect.

order process

If you have interest in this phone kiosk and have your own logo and design idea, you can contact us for more information. Then we will start design according to your requirements, which will cost 3-5 working days. After confirming the final design, we can quote you the price. After receive your  moeny,we will arrange the manufacture. Finally, we will start to arrange shipping after receiving your balance.


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