Cell Phone Repair Kiosk and Accessories for Phone Business

Hello, this time, i will introduce a cell phone kiosk design to you. This kiosk you can use to open your phone business or phone service business in the Mall. We did many phone kiosks before.  If you are interested, I can send you some true cases for your reference.

CELLphone kiosk

The main layout design style introduction

This is a black style phone kiosk, main part is a transparent glass cabinet. If you put colorful items, the kiosk will look more beautiful and colorful. We can see the tall black and white stand with the luminous logo” my case”. It is our client’s logo, we can also add your own logo. What’s more, we can see the small cashier counter at the entrance, this kiosk is designed for one entrance.

The material and details

This phone kiosk size is 3*2 m. Of course, we can custom make as your size. the material is MDF(middle-density fireboard) and the finish surface uses high glossy baking paint. Importantly, we can see the kiosk interior has many storage boxes and drawers for you to store the inventory.

CELLphone kiosk

The design idea is from our customer, all of the customized kiosks need design first, and for each design, it needs a design fee, the price is 300-800 USD. The final price depends on your size. Because the design is the first step of business and our base as cooperation, you need to tell me your detailed requirements about design. So our designer can design a satisfying kiosk for you.

The production process

We need to prepare materials first and then make the wood counter body according to the design drawing. The next step is to polish each counter to make the corresponding shape.  The third step is to make the glossy paint to make the kiosk surface look more beautiful. After the paint dries, we will install some accessories, lights, light boxes, doors, decorations, sockets,s, and hardware. Finally, we will install the all single counter to show you the whole effect.

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