New Invention Mobile Phone Repair Kiosk for American Customer

cell phone kiosk

Mobile phones have become important in our daily life because it contains a lot of important information and files. In this case, people use phone covers, cell phone films to protect their phones. Today, I want to share a nice phone kiosk with you. You can cell smartphones, phone accessories and provide phone repair services here.

Introduction of the phone kiosk

This phone repair kiosk size is 15ft by 10ft, includes a glass display showcase, phone repair counters, and brand logo stand. The main is white with black color. The main material is Plywood with laminate finishes. Other materials include blue color flooring lighting lamps, 3D luminous brand logos, tempered glass showcases, etc.

mobile phone boothDetails information

Glass display showcase

We can see there is a lot of kiosk display cabinet on four sides. The glass counter has a slat wall or display cabinet in the front area. Clients can purchase phone covers directly. Behind has lock cabinets with shelving. While the top has drawers showcasing, smartphones are set here so that clients can view them.

Reception counter

The reception counter shows in the middle area. You can reception every client can check bills. On the front body, there is a brand name with blue lighting decoration, which increases the high-tech feel.

smart phone kiosk

Repair table

The repair table stands in the phone shop center, which is good for the owner to do phone repair services. Because clients can’t see the phone repair details. Under the counter has an empty area for legs.

Tower stand

The kiosk has two tower stands on the diagonal facing in different directions. Brand name, logo, posters, and even TV players can attach here for advertising. Another diagonal is black in color and shows a large apple logo. If you need phone kiosks, please contact us here.

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