High-Tech SmartPhone Kiosk & Watch Display Counter Shop Decoration

phone kiosk

Are you looking for a high-tech cell phone shop decoration? This kiosk is good to use in the shopping mall and cell phone stores mainly used to show both smartphones and watches. Here is a nice watch kiosk sharing with you.

Layout information

Wall decoration

This smartphone kiosk is suitable for corners or near walls because it has a long L shape wall to show the brand name, open shelving, advertising, etc. There is a countertop at a distance of 1m from the ground, which is the most suitable position for displaying products. You can place watches, speakers, and other smart products.


watch kiosk

smart phone storeDisplay counter

We can see in the design, there are two display counters in the middle, which can place phone brackets on the countertop. Smartphones can place here so that clients can view and experience mobile phone performance. It has a curved edge, looks upscale, and increases a sense of technicality. There are small benches there so that clients can sit down to purchase goods.

Material information

Main material: MDF or plywood. We can choose one basic material to build the wall cabinet and attach brand letters.

Surface material: Baking paint or laminate. It makes the cell phone has a glossy and smooth effect, that can increase customer trust and win goodwill

Counter material: Metal and tempered glass. It looks very high-end with a sense of design and can reflect your professionalism.

Brand letters: 3D luminous acrylic logos. You can also use stainless steel brand letters here.

This cell phone kiosk has a large entrance, that allows going into the shop freely. When used in a phone store, we can also decorate another wall to gain more display showcase. You can also add storage draws at the bottom

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