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phone case kiosk

Mobile phone cases become very popular because they can decorate and protect smartphones. It’s a good idea to open a smartphone kiosk in the shopping center. The mobile phone cover kiosk includes a slat wall display cabinet, storage cabinet, and cashier counter. Here is a nice smartphone cover kiosk sharing with you.

3D design phone case display

This phone case display kiosk size is 3m by 2m, it has two entrances in total. Clients can enter the shop and purchase their favorite phone covers directly. The main color of the phone cover kiosk is white, looks high end and attracts people well.

mobile phone standSlat wall display

There are multiple slat wall displays to consist of the phone cover kiosk. It can hang many phone covers and accessories with hooks. Both clients pass by your phone case kiosk and enter the shop can view and purchase items. They can also help you sort out goods for convenient selection. There are drawers under the display cabinets to store goods for sale.

When the slat wall display is put together, there is a squared display stand in the corner, you can attach the brand name here so that clients can remember your services.

phone display standCashier counter

The cashier counter is very important in the mall kiosk. It has both reception and checking bill functions. You can also attach a brand logo on the counter, the 3D luminous brand sign can high level your mall kiosk shop. And can also attract clients’ attention.

Material information

We use plywood and white laminate to build this phone cover kiosk. Can also use MDF with a glossy baking paint finish, so that the kiosk has a smooth touch and elegant effect. Other materials include stainless steel, acrylic, slat wall, right box logo, etc.

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