Nowadays, The demand for mobile phones is increasing. More people own one or even two mobile phones. No matter how old people, office workers, teenagers, all have a strong dependence on mobile phones. It is part of our work and living.

With the use of mobile phones, a variety of related services have emerged. So, phone accessories and phone repair service are very welcome and hot sales. Here the one I wanna share is brass color cell phone kiosk design for reference.



Brand: Unique

Material: fire-plate

Color: customized


Service: 3d design, OEM, ODM

Style: modern

Production time: 22-25 workdays

Payment: T/T Western Union


The main tone is wood and ashen colors, which look very modern and perfectly suit your shop theme.

There are lots of wood display racks. They provide a big display area. You can make full use of the space and zone storage. Feel free to arrange the space reasonably. What’s more, we can add the posters near the rack. Personalized poster displays can enhance the overall image of your store. Therefore, you could send us these and we could show them to check the whole effect.

The bottom is a big storage space. You can replenish your stock quickly.

And there is a front desk with a customized logo. There are lots of logo styles for your reference, acrylic, luminance, stainless steel and so on. You could find your favorite one. And there is a glass panel forming a privacy space. It allows you to repair the phone.

The outside of the kiosk has several glass boxes. It has a better decoration if you place a model here.


This one finishes with laminate with fire-plate. These natural materials are healthy with low formaldehyde. What’s more, the performance of the base material is better. It is practical and durable.

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