Mobile Phone Kiosk & Unique Display Counter in Retail Store

Take the high-frequency broken screen repair as an example, ordinary users generally do not know that the mobile phone has an internal and external screen. Most of the daily hand sliding causes the outer screen to be broken, and the inner screen is not damaged, so we need to replace the smooth film at this time. Many people will choose to paste on their own, and some will choose to find a professional person to paste the film.

If the internal screen of the phone is broken, you can find a professional to do it. At this time, you can find the phone kiosk in the mall, and they will have someone to help you repair your phone. If there are other types of things that need to be repaired, there will be professionals to help you.

At this time you can see a lot of good-looking phone kiosks. So as a seller, how can you attract customers to buy your products? First of all you need a beautiful phone kiosk. Only a good-looking kiosk can attract customers’ attention.

Phone Kiosk for Sale

The main material of this kiosk is MDF. His surface is painted. The color matching of mobile kiosk is set according to the needs of customers. If you have a logo, we can also design and construct kiosk based on your logo. Only good design can give customers more advantages. Mobile kiosk will contain logo, light box and other software, which will make kiosk more perfect and have advantages.


The structure of this mobile phone kiosk is a very ordinary rectangle. But his kiosk is very classic and very attractive. Many people like this style. Kiosk has a relatively large display stand. This kind of display is a laminate display. If you want to add an acrylic baffle, we will add it for you. The most special thing about this kiosk is the display on both sides. In this way, it is convenient for customers to choose internally and externally.

Display area of kiosk is divided into laminate display and aluminum composite panel display. If mobile phone accessories we recommend using aluminum-plastic panels to display. For selling the phone, the layers display will be better. In addition, the best thing about this mobile phone kiosk is that it can repair mobile phones. This makes the entire kiosk business more enriched, thereby obtaining more profits.

Production Details

  • Production Details:
  • Size: 4.1*2.7M
  • Material: MDF
  • Finish: baking paint
  • Logo: Acrylic
  • Hardware: lock, slider
  • Other material: light strip, glass, stainless steel, etc.


Production Process:

We divide into 4 parts to produce the mobile kiosk. The first is to make wooden cabinets, which are assembled from wooden boards. When we produce the wooden board, we do it  according to the construction drawings and proceed to assembly. When assembling the wooden cabinet, we will reserve locations for sockets, light boxes, and logos.

Then we will polish the wooden cabinet body first, which will make the surface of the wooden cabinet body smoother and give this design more advantages. We will also rub oil on the surface of the wooden cabinet and then paint it. The baking paint include 2 steps, the first step is 4 primers, and the second is 2 layers of baking varnish.

How to Order New One?

We are a custom manufacturer, and can customize the phone kiosk for you according to your needs. If you want to get new one, we need to do the 3d design firstly, the 3d design will display all of your requirements.  You can tell me all of your ideas like the size, color, what things you want to sell, and the layout. We will work out the suitable 3d design for you. And you have some places want to change, we also can help you modify it.


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Unique cell phone repair bar desk counter design