On our website, you can see a lot of mobile display cases, they have different sizes, colors and styles. These are all designed by us for our customers. We are a customized company. The requirements for kiosk display in shopping malls are relatively strict. So we need to provide the design to them for review first. If you are also in the mobile phone industry, you can take a look at the kiosk on our website to find out if there is a style you like. Because we show the price of kiosk also depends on the final design. If you have a kiosk you like, we can give you a rough quote based on your size.

Cellphone Repair Kiosk Details

Today this mobile phone cabinet is shipped to Norway, mainly selling mobile phone accessories and repairing mobile phones. Our designs are made in accordance with customer requirements, so you can definitely get the kiosk you like. This kiosk repair table is for two people. There is a cash register opposite, and the display cabinet is displayed outside. Customers can choose our products at will. There is a glass baffle in the front of the repair table. Under the influence of the virus, we must take safety measures. So this baffle is very necessary.

In addition to display, we install our logo, brand name or business poster on pylon sign.

Size: 3x2m

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Glass: 8mm tempered glass

Toe kick: Stainless steel

Logo: Acrylic

Others: LED light, lightbox, sockets

Production time: About 28 working days


Kiosk Production

This kind of display cabinets are all put together by separate cabinets. We also produce separately when we produce. Its base material is medium density fiberboard, and the surface treatment is baking varnish. The color of the paint is very rich, we can choose any color. If you don’t like white and red, we can use other color combinations. The color rendering of the baking paint is very good. The paint we use is an international brand, and it is very safe. And the surface is smooth and looks very shiny.
After we finish the paint, we will install accessories such as glass and light strips, including sockets and logos. After each cabinet is installed, we will start to assemble the kiosk. Then connect the circuit. At this time, the lights on the cabinet will be on. We all know that lights are very necessary for display cabinets. They can make kiosk brighter and more convenient for our work.

The picture below is the production diagram of this kiosk in our factory. We have our own factory, all kiosk are handmade, cheap and good quality.

Kiosk Assemble

Our kiosk is packaged separately after disassembly. So when you receive the goods, you only need to put the separate cabinets together according to the position of the design drawing, and then connect the connectors under them. After all the connections are completed, we will have a main wire, which is usually under the cabinet at the checkout counter, just connect it to the mall.

The picture on the right is what our customer has just assembled after receiving the goods. If you don’t understand anything after receiving the goods, you can tell us.

Order Process

  1. Make a design. We need to design according to the size of your mall, your logo and your requirements, and then submit it to the mall for review. Our kiosk design fee is 300$, it include the 3D design and the construction drawings. design time is 2-3 working days.
  2. Confirm the design. When finish the design, you can check, we cna modify it if you want to change something.
  3. Start production. After confirm the final design and get the mall approval. We will know the kiosk esact price. You need to pay 50% deposit, then we can start production.
  4. Transportation. When finsin production, we will send you the kiosk picture or video. If no problem, we will pack and ship the goods to your port or address. The shipping cost depends on the volume of the goods and your country, Shipping time is 25-40 days.


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