Unwittingly, summer is coming, therefore, ice cream is more and more popular in the whole market. Also, people would like to go for a walk around the park and community, go shopping in the mall in their spare time, etc.

Mobile outdoor Ice Cream Cart for sale

Portable ice cream cart is hottest in this time. The businessman seized the opportunity to earn more money in the next several months. However, before pushing the ice cream carts in the market or shopping mall. You have to purchase an ice cream cart, which belongs to yourself. Then you can do business to earn more money.

We are a furniture company mainly exported customized furniture to all over the world. Especially, export to the US, Australia, Canada, UK, etc. If you are planning to do this hottest business in summer, please contact us in advance. It will take several months to get it. Because you should get the approval from the landlord. Then you start this project.

Besides, most customers prefer to customize mobile ice cream carts with a roof:

  • we can print the customized image or LOGO on it to show the product.
  • This mobile juice cart can protect sun and decorate effect. Like below Turkmenistan gelato cart design, the roof can retractable by the customer.
  • Very low-cost price for a limited time.

ice cream juice cart

Also, install the wheels on the bottom of the carts, so it can move everywhere. In order to attract more people and standing out. You can put stickers on the surface, paint 1 or 2 bright colors on the surface.

Thank you for your time reading!


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