Nitrogen ice cream cart design, another big name for these types of ice cream called dragon breath. Because when you eat this ice cream. Your mouth and nose will breathe out white smoke like a dragon is breathing.

Do you eat nitrogen ice cream?  it is a kind very funny ice cream, taste a bite, the month can smoke, tastes very yummy.

Special children like it very much; it is a kind new business, current very popular if you have an idea to make business, you can try start nitrogen ice cream, if you don’t invest more money, building a magic ice cream cart is the very good choice.

dragon breath ice cream

Below lets me introduce a style very high-end nitrogen ice cream design for you.

  • The cart is used in the mall, it is mobile, you also can put it in your snake’s shop,
  • the size: 2400*914*2400mm

The kiosk front has many beautiful nitrogen ice cream light posters, that is very attractive, the design is not simple, from left to right counter all is arc shape design, the front wood body also has lines and round shape decoration looks very have a sense of design. 

The cart is with a top roof, the roof is a little wave design, very stereoscopic, you can put your logo and menu on the top.

Look at the inside of cart, right is a box to cover nitrogen tank, left is counter for cash counter, mixer,

Selling nitrogen ice cream mixer, because have smoke , so countertop putting mixer have to is stainless steel , mixer also need glass cover to partition with cash desk, whole design is very suitable.dear friends, if you have ideas to open a nitrogen ice cream, welcome join us.





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